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August 13th Declared As “Edo Language Day” | Endorsed by Eminent Edo Citizens

History made: Edo Citizens Endorsed August 13th  as Edo Language Day declared by  NEBO TV Canada (Nekpen Obasogie). The declaration was made at the first worldwide Edo Language Seminar organized by the University of Benin in collaboration with NEBO TV. It was a historic event that featured many dignitaries from the Benin kingdom. They connected via Zoom on Saturday, August 13th, 2022 to strategize on how to preserve, revitalize, harmonize and standardize the Edo Language orthography. It was their response to the warning over the potential extinction of the Edo language and many other Indigenous languages across the globe. Among the dignitaries who endorsed the declaration include the former governor of Edo state, Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion, High Priest Osemwegie Ebohon, Barrister Osagie Obayuwana, Lady Aghabiomon Ogbeiwi, Pa Felix Eghianruwa Omoruyi, Professor Victor Edosa Omozuwa, Chief Dr. Billy Osawaru, Dr. Patricia Fadaka-Igbinovia, Ambassador Joe Ehigiamusoe, Kingsley Omosigho, His Royal Highness Felix Omorodion (the Duke of Evbohuan), CHief Val. E. Samson Ezoba, Engr. Isaac Igbinosun, Professor Alex Igbineweka, Professor Esohe Mercy Omoregbe, Mrs. Mercy Osatohanmwen Edebiri-Kuku, Itohan Evbagharu, Osholene Oshobugie Upiomoh, Prince Jessy Osemwegie Isibor, Mrs. Adesuwa Obasohan, Steffy Uwaifo, Professor Anthonia Adedevoh, First Female Mechanic in Nigeria, Sandra Aguebor, Mrs. Adesuwa Joyce Osunde, Judith Fadaka-Roland, Pst Mrs. Margaret Oghosa Agbonifo and more! The seminar was hosted by Mr. Tunde Obazee, Nekpen Obasogie, Queen Amina, Nicole Kats, and Sandra Idubor. Click on the link to watch the program on YouTube

There is an ongoing online monthly Edo language program organized by the University of Benin in collaboration with NEBO TV. The declaration of August 13th (the second Saturday of August every year) is a part of their collaborative mission to preserve and revitalize the Edo language among Edo citizens worldwide.

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Comments on Zoom Meeting

12:36:29  From Dr. Stella Iduitua To  Nekpen Obasogie(privately) : 12:41:57 From Indigenous People Of United Kingdom Of Great Benin : It will be good if we can speak the Edo language in this meeting

12:49:41 From ẸHIOSU Destiny : God bless you sir. When I speak ẸDO in the

12:50:24 From LUCKY Aghahowa : that is what I said before I speak… let speak in Edo…today is Edo day

12:51:12 From ẸHIOSU Destiny : When I talk about speaking ẹdo amongst my pears. All I hear is who  e help. No interest at all.

12:53:26 From Osayaba Adadevoh : speaking Edo language

12:53:38 From Osayaba Adadevoh : start up suggestions

12:54:33 From Osayaba Adadevoh : family greetings, saying uruese instead of thank you, after meal greetings

12:54:38 From Daryl Peavy : Thank you elders for your knowledge

12:56:34 From Jo : Thanks my sister, NEBO TV and the University of  Benin and all those who are working to advance the Edo Language.  My challenges in teaching my children the Edo Language is the lack of a structured curriculum  or guide. I am not sure if there is such a curriculum already. The books are also hard to come by.  I like the suggestion of introducing the language from the elementary level.  I appeal to the University of Benin lecturers and other  educators/writers to write books using  the current orthography . There should be books for different grade levels . It will be very helpful if such books  are written in a format where English, Edo and the Edo sounds are side by side . It is a sad really but most of us cannot understand the written Edo Language in isolation without having a reference point. Having worksheets and opportunities to practice or do exercises will be very helpful.

12:57:52 From Veronica Uzamere : Thank you elders for all your contributions.

13:07:48 From Chief Billy Osawaru : I will like to advise that once the elders have seconded please set up a committee to approach the palace for endorsement because anything you do without the palace endorsement may not go too far. That is the institution we rally around.

13:09:32 From Osaiyekemwen Okunbor : Hello Everyone – Thank you for putting this seminar together. I am a daughter of Edo, born in Benin to Edo parents. I currently live in America, Memphis TN. I have been trying for years to learn my language. I have a book, I have bought a set of CDs that supposedly would help one learn the language, I have asked my elders to take time out to teach me and walk me through it. The language is not easy to learn. When reading the book, one does not know the proper way to pronounce the various letters and words properly. The elders do not have the time nor patience to sit and teach. The set of CDs I bought started out with teaching how to say phrases that I would not say in everyday life such as “there is a fly in my soup” instead of starting with the basics and building blocks of the language. There must be people in the Edo community, elders who are willing to teach this language ORALLY. There are plenty of us ready to learn but we need teachers and elders willing and patient to teach in person or virtually.

13:10:04 From Chief Billy Osawaru : diaspora should set up a body to offer scholarships to train more Edo teachers and design alot of incentives.

13:11:43     From Osaiyekemwen Okunbor : Thank you again. I honestly thought this seminar was going to be the beginning of learning the language. I truly hope seminars are created to actually learn. I have to leave for work but I truly look forward to what thebelders come up with and implement to us in the diaspora so our culture and language can continue. We do not have culture without language. With much love and gratitude, May you all have a wonderful day.

13:18:48 From Kingsley Omosigho : Ise

13:19:04 From Osholene O. Upiomoh : NEBO TV in collaboration with the university of Benin hold Edo Language seminar every month where they actually teach the language. Reach out to NEBO TV for more information.

13:19:23 From Mrs. Edith Idemudia : thank you chief Billy

13:21:12 From Kingsley Omosigho : I agree with the movie standard especially focus on impacting Edo values globally

13:31:09 From Chief Billy Osawaru : ugha tor baba

13:31:30 From HENRY : Okaemwen Oba, urhuese. Ota kpataki utae.

13:32:09 From Chief Billy Osawaru : uruese otemwen

13:32:55 From itohan evbagharu : I kindly urge everyone to speak in Benin and English. There are most people who are fluent.. And some tuning in trying to better their understanding. The aim is to be enlarge the edo language, but it starts by helping others understand it better.

13:33:03 From itohan evbagharu : Thank you

13:33:21 From Kingsley Omosigho : Chief Osawaru uruese. You were on point veb emwin nu ti

13:34:26 From Chief Billy Osawaru : ugha tor Okpia oba Omosigho

13:34:30 From Honourable  tony osazuwa : okhaemwen Billy Adesuwa Osawaru, ughude mwuhuota. uruese kakabo.

13:35:30 From ẸHIOSU Destiny : As for the keyboard sir. We have Ẹdo in SwiftKey. You can write in Ẹdo with this keyboard

13:36:00 From ẸHIOSU Destiny : U ru ẹse

13:36:11 From Chief Billy Osawaru : Okpia oba Osazuwa eguae tuo

13:38:06 From Chief Billy Osawaru : please let the young ones contribute

13:38:14 From Chief Valiant E. Samson-Ezoba : pls can sandra

13:38:22 From Chief Billy Osawaru : there is happinex

13:39:49 From Adesuwa Obasohan : Thank you so much for this meeting. It is very interesting. Good job Nekpen.

13:42:43 From Patricia Fadaka-Igbinovia : There should be standard literature books in Edo language for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools

13:54:41 From ẸHIOSU Destiny : Please can anyone help me with Mrs osaiyekemwẹ okunbọ’s contact

13:55:06 From Patricia Fadaka-Igbinovia : Is Edo orthography standardized yet?

13:55:20 From Egunmwendia, nee Aisien : Domo 🙏🏾


Honored to be here

13:55:52 From HENRY : Enogie ghato kpere, Urhuese

14:12:21 From Ihama Ihama Royal Family : Chief Lucky Igbinedion is still there but muted.

Chief sir please unmute yourself

14:13:18 From Chief Billy Osawaru : Okpia oba Ogbemudia Osazuwa ugha tor.

14:16:31 From Honourable  tony osazuwa : isee!.iyare ughayo.

14:23:57 From Jane  Abieyuwa Ekuase : I thank God for this move. May God bless the initiators!

15:02:09 From HENRY : Nekpen urhuese, etin vbe emwaen guero vbeni Jesu. Kuwe kevbe otu nuwa gbaro, to gha fuwa egbe

15:02:22 From Jo : There’s is another keyboard called “keyman” that also has edo keys. You check it out and compare

15:08:20 From C-Amb. Joe Ehigiamusoe : Wahia ruese15:17:25 From Ihama Ihama Royal Family  To  Nekpen Obasogie (privately) : Well done my sister, I am so proud of you.

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