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Breaking News in the Canadian Legal Sector: Kingsley Jesuorobo Appointed by the Law Society of Ontario as a Member of the Advisory Council on Access to Innovation


Barrister Kingsley Jesuorobo was appointed by the Law Society of Ontario as a Member of the Advisory Council on Access to Innovation. He wrote on his Facebook profile:

With a solemn sense of satisfaction and great gratitude to God, I hereby share the great news of my selection to be a member of the Law Society of Ontario’s Advisory Council on Access to Innovation. The Law Society of Ontario regulates over 57,000 lawyers and about 10,000 paralegals in Canada. I am one of the twelve (12) members that currently constitute the Advisory Council. My excitement over my appointment is doubled by the fact that the other members of the Advisory Council are exceptionally endowed and accomplished individuals.


The role of the Advisory Council on Access to Innovation (A2I) is to help fulfil the Law Society of Ontario’s transformative objective to open up law practice in the province to technological innovations. The Advisory Council will play a pivotal role by essentially superintending with the management over the actualization of this objective, beginning with a pilot stage implementation process. Approved participants in the pilot stage of the initiative will receive permission from the Law Society of Ontario to serve consumers through technological innovations while complying with requirements for risk-based monitoring and reporting. In particular, the main elements of my role would be: (1) to provide strategic advice to Access to Innovation management team on the Access to Innovation project operations, to help the initiative meet its objectives; and (2) to review application materials from prospective Access to Innovation participants, make approval recommendations, and play an ongoing role in monitoring and evaluating participants. In their congratulatory message to me, the selection committee wrote:

“We were fortunate to receive a very high number of strong applications, and we felt that your skillset and interest would fit particularly well for the role.”

I enthusiastically look forward to working with the other exceptionally endowed members of the Advisory Council to actualize our mandate.


For me, this is a monumental milestone, not only in terms of the uncommon trajectory of my professional career evolution and development, but also in upping the standard and level of participation of members of Canada’s racialized community in endeavours that are traditionally and characteristically uncharted by us. As technological innovations continue to make major inroads into all sectors of the society, the legal profession must key in lest the rest of the society leave it behind. Consequently, I have since chosen to play at the forefront of efforts to ensure that the legal profession rises to the challenge. Enlisting myself as a frontline participant in the A2I initiative of the Law Society of Ontario is in furtherance of my aforesaid commitment. It is all the more gratifying for me that my selection as a member of the Advisory Council on Access to Innovation is coinciding with the beta launch of my Danalix software (, an all-in-one, multilingual, web and mobile enterprise software, designed to enable professionals (including lawyers, paralegals and consultants) and businesses to efficiently manage their affairs in accordance with regulatory requirements and global best practice standards. More information on the Danalix project and other major initiatives, including Lil Requester (an application that aids developmentally challenged children) and Ohpemy, that I am involved in, shall be publicized in the near future.

“My bends look like blends because I mend to no end” – Kingsley Jesuorobo.

Dated at Toronto, Canada this 27th day of September, 2021.

Kingsley I. Jesuorobo (Lawyer/Leader/Inventor/Entrepreneur/Poetic Thinker/Amazon Bestseller)

Founder, Principal and Managing Counsel: Kingsley Jesuorobo & Associates;

Member: Advisory Council on Access to Innovation, Law Society of Ontario;

Vice President (North America): African Bar Association;

President: Canadian Association of Nigerian Lawyers (2017-2019)

Called to the Bars of Ontario, Canada and Nigeria

Congratulations to you, Uncle KJ!

I am celebrating this great achievement with you sir!

God bless!

Nekpen Obasogie

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