Edo Elders Award in Toronto, August 12th, 2023

Majority of the Edo Elders who were nominated for the 2023 award at the Edo Language Day event held in Toronto on August 12th, 2023, attended the event. Dr. Aisien and Chief Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwegie Ẹro’s children in North America graced the occasion to collect their fathers’ plaques.

Nominees for the Elders Award in 2023

Chief Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwegie Ẹro
Professor Patricia E. Fadaka-Igbinovia
Lady Aghabiọmon Ogbẹiwi
Mrs. Florence Ayanru
High Priest Ọsẹmwegie Ẹbọhọn
Pa Eghianruwa Ọmọruyi
Posthumous Honorary Award: Late Dr. Ekhaguosa Aisien


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