Great Benin: The Alcazar of Post-Colonial Culture

Impeccable! This book is titled “Great Benin: The Alcazar of Post-Colonial Culture”. Written by Nekpen Obasogie, a Canada-based Indigene of Benin kingdom. She wrote this book to critically examine the relationship between the Europeans and the Benin kingdom in West Africa from 1400 AD to when Benin was invaded by Britain in 1897. She chronically listed some of the important events that transpired between the Europeans, such as the Portuguese, the Dutch, French and the British Colonists for the period of 400 years with the Benin kingdom and some other West African nations. She asserts that knowing what was transacted in the past will help to understand the present and define the future. She also highlighted her lived experience growing up in a post-colonial society of the Benin kingdom in the 1980s. This book is available on Amazon for purchase. The link to order from Amazon is attached below. To order directly from the author, click on this link . For any question or clarification email the author at Thank you for visiting our channel

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