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The book, Benin Warriors and the British Colonial Rule in Nigeria, depicts the oral and written historical accounts of the military might of Benin and its warriors (warrior kings) in the pre-colonial era. It sheds light on how the British colonial violence in that part of Africa, now known as Nigeria, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries disrupted the military and geographical arrangements of the old Benin Empire. The book bridges the long-existing gaps in African/Benin literature on the significance and role of spirituality in the process of nation-building and warfare in the ancient Benin Kingdom.  To order this book, please email us at or order on Amazon

Books written by Nekpen Obasogie, PhD Candidate at OISE, University of Toronto.

This book critically examines the relationship between the Benin Kingdom and the Europeans during the period of early contact to the time when Benin was colonized by Britain in 1897. It analyzes how the systems introduced to Benin by the colonists redefined and shaped the political, economic, social, and cultural structures of Benin and its people. The book also unpacks the intergenerational effects of colonization and gender stratification embedded in the education system introduced to the Benin Kingdom by the European colonizers. To order this book, please email us at or purchase it on Amazon
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