The Life of Princess Adesuwa

The Beauty of  Princess Adesuwa Instigated Two Tribal Wars in the Ancient Benin Kingdom

A pathetic story of a historic woman in the ancient Benin kingdom. According to oral history, Princess Adesuwa was the most beautiful woman that ever lived in Benin. However, her life was cut short in the hands of OgieOboro (the Obi of Oboro) after she verbally abused him in the Oboro Dukedom. The death of Princess Adesuwa instigated two tribal wars between Benin, Oboro and Ugo N’Iyekorhionmwon in the eighteenth century.  A special book for all my supporters! If you buy the “Alcazar of Post-Colonial Culture” directly from this website, you will get a copy of this book for free.

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