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A British billionaire, Hamish, with four others, decided to get inside a small metal tube and tour the Titanic wreck in the deep dark depth of the Atlantic Ocean. The metal tube was designed with enough space to seat five people maximum. The Titanic lies some four kilometres or so (Matero to town ) deep down the Atlantic Ocean and has been there since about 100 years ago when it sunk. There is joy in risking that deep underwater to view the wreckage as a hobby and for fun. Unfortunately, their tube little vessel succumbed to massive ocean pressure deep down, estimated at x 200, the pressure on a pumped car tyre. It burst after about two hours of decent trip and minutes before they could arrive at the bottom of the ocean where the Titanic lies. It’s taken four days to discover what happened to them after rescue attempts from four countries, namely the USA, the UK, Canadian and French efforts of planes, ships and other sophisticated deep ocean search vessels.

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