Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi: A Steel of Benin Culture

Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi: A Steel of Benin Culture

A phenomenal cultural Amazon, Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi is in her late 60s. Born of the percentage of Urhonigbe ancestry, Orhionmwon Local Area of Edo State, Lady Aghabiomo attended the St. Peter’s Primary School, Urhonigbe. After her primary education, she proceeded to Iyeke-Orhionmwon Community School, Urhonigbe, later to be named Urhonigbe Grammar School from 1969 to 1973. A holder of the National Diploma in Language Studies from the University of Lagos, it is a known fact that Aghabiomo Ogbeiwi attended a number of refresher courses in broadcasting, Edo language, and artistry.

The artistic and cultural prowess of the young Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi began to soar when she joined the renowned Edo Cultural Group founded and led by the Late Solomon Omoruyi Ogbodu (Efobasota of Benin Kingdom) in 1974. A vivacious, sensuous, imaginative, pragmatic, songstress of uncommon proportion and a dramatist of international sparks, Aghabiomo Ogbeiwi enjoyed the rare privilege of participating in FESTAC 1977, the greatest assemblage of African artists till date. An acclaimed producer, who produced the first known Benin drama, titled, Uvbi-Udefiagbon N’Ovbiosa and others, Aghabiomo was one of the notable casts of the popular NTA drama series, Hotel De Jordan. A cultural diva and prolific broadcaster, Aghabiomo Ogbeiwi was a former employee of Radio Nigeria Benin and Edo Broadcasting Service from 1983 to 1998, rising to the position of head of the language unit, Edo Broadcasting Service.

An infectious dapper cultural amazon, Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi founded the Uyi-Edo Theatre Troupe, Benin City, in furtherance of her untainted commitment to the advancement of the rich cultural heritage of the Edo Nation. Since its inception, Uyi-Edo Theatre Troupe became the flagship of cultural activism, not only within Nigeria but across the globe. Apart from regularly performing within the confined of the Benin Royal Palace Courtyard, Uyi-Edo Theatre Troupe with Aghabiomo as President traveled to Congo Brazzaville in 1997 on cultural tourism. As conceptualized by Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi, the Uyi-Edo Theatre Troupe pioneered the birth of what became known as the Annual Uyi-Edo Carnival. After dominating the local frontier of cultural activities in Nigeria for over two decades, in 1998, Lady Aghabiomo Ogbeiwi’s star bloom its glow in far away the United States of America. Till date, Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi remains a cultural and artistic pyramid in the diaspora. Lady Aghabiomo Nogie Ogbeiwi is a woman of essentiality and quintessential exponent of heritage!

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